Clare Taylah

Heylow people of the Tumblr Nation.
My names Clare
I live in Australia, best place on earth
18 & Loving it
Lets just say id rather laugh with the sinners then cry with the saints!
People preach but who the f*ck listens?

Party & Bullshit I say


“If I walk backwards fast enough,
then maybe I will bump into the girl
I was before you loved me.
Maybe I can convince her to
go a different way.”

– Y.Z (via rustyvoices)



I’ve looked at life from both sides now, from win and lose and still somehow its lifes illusions i recall, i really dont know life at all.


you, yes you: selenic »


“but what if it doesn’t?”
i find my drowsy lips asking you.
“but what if the moon is only the worst thing that’s ever happened to the sun?”

what if the sun never wanted to shed his
blue sky-skin?
and only ever is wishing for Orion’s arrows
to fire at the rising skull of moon,
so he could shoot…


The Tangential: “Millennials Are Poor Schlubs Living On Breast Milk (Still?),” Says Underpaid Boomer Columnist Who Doesn’t Like Twitter »


I have read all the articles and I have these requests:

Stop talking about how my generation is pathetic because some of us live at home after college. The economy crashed because generations before us were greedy and irresponsible with money, not because we spent too much time as…







if school taught everyone that rape is bad and racism is bad instead of teaching how to find the angle of a kite im pretty sure the world would be a safer place

except all the kites would have wrong angles and spontaneously fall and kill people

i think youre missing the point buddy

I’d like to hear you say that when your impaled by a falling kite that’s shaped incorrectly. 

what makes you think im going to go outside